The Benefits of Having Your Wedding on a Friday Evening

The Benefits of Having Your Wedding on a Friday Evening

One of the most common calls I receive are from brides who have their heart set on a Saturday June wedding. Unfortunately, those days are booked up far in advance. Something future brides should really consider is a Friday evening wedding and I’ll explain why.


chateaux friday blog 51)   Venues have a greater availability on Friday.

2)   It is more affordable.

3)   Guests will have an extra day.

4)   The ceremony/reception start later so your guests will be able to make it after work.

5)   Host a Saturday brunch for your guests.

6)   Guests can party on a Friday night just as much on a Saturday.

7)   Restaurants will have more availability for a rehearsal dinner on Thursday night.

8)   Vendors will also have more availability on Friday’s.

9)   You’ll get the month/season you want with shorter notice.

10)  Allows the newlyweds to have more of a rest before leaving on their honeymoon.


chateaux friday blog 2Friday evening weddings are gaining in popularity. It is also a great option if you are recently engaged and don’t want to wait terribly long before you get married. Friday evenings are exciting in general. Guests can unwind from the workweek and they have the whole weekend ahead of them to enjoy sightseeing or other plans they may have. Another popular trend are Saturday brunches the following day. This is a fun way to thank your guests for coming and who doesn’t like an added little celebration?

Don’t let the Saturday unavailability deter you from having the summer or fall wedding you have always wanted.

Give us a call if you would like to explore other days. We would be happy to help make the wedding planning process easier for you by providing choices, packages, and helpful tips.

Happy wedding planning!

Xo Chateaux girls