The Importance of Wedding Videography

The Importance of Wedding Videography

A wedding is memorable time for more than just the bride and groom. It’s the day a mother has always dreamed of for her child. It’s the day a father gives away his daughter, a sad yet joyous occasion where she takes the first steps toward her future with the man who will be the father to her own children. It’s the day where friends come together, often from different colleges, towns, and backgrounds to commemorate by sharing funny stories of the past and toasting to their journey ahead as husband and wife.

Although pictures do their best to capture the walk down the aisle, the cake cutting, the first dance, and every other significant aspect that makes a wedding meaningful, videography is live and present for the breathtaking moments that pictures can’t do justice. Videography shows the first look he has when he sees her, the touching vows, the tearful and humorous speeches, the glimmering look upon the parents faces, the reaction when the bridesmaid catches the bouquet, and every other spontaneous sequent of events.

This is why it’s important to take into consideration all of the benefits a wedding video can provide. In fact, it is the number one biggest regret not having among brides.

1) You can replay the most special moment in your life

2) Photographs can miss and not capture raw moments and emotions like a video can

3) You can show it to your kids someday

4) Let’s the bride and groom see what was going on during the ceremony setup with guests while they were getting ready

5) Captures voices and mannerisms of all family and friends

Take a look at an example of videography that took place at the Chateaux here. This video is by Mark and Kate photo.

Wedding videography has come a long way in the past five years from mundane, shaky film to cinematic. It is certainly something you will cherish forever and I plead you to not overlook during the wedding planning process.

Cheers brides! I look forward to watching your videos 🙂

Xo Chateaux girls