Vendor Spotlight: Brenda Booze

Vendor Spotlight: Brenda Booze

Finding a quality photographer for your wedding is often the most worrisome vendor selection among  brides. Brides want someone who can capture one of the most awaited moments in their life and deliver  breathtaking photos. They want someone they can trust who is skilled and experienced, and rightfully  so.

Brenda Booze has a degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado and supplemented her  education by interning with famed photographer, David Lachapelle. Already a well-rounded  photographer with years of experience under her belt, Brenda has also worked as an event manager  coordinating weddings and has a full understanding of all the complexities of what goes on from an  organizational standpoint of weddings.

Brenda has the ability to capture a picture and have it reflect exactly how joyous and meaningful it was  in that moment. Her photography is not only flawless but she has an eye for creativity and can find  beauty in everything.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, check out Brenda Booze Photography here!


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