Wedding Trends for 2016

Wedding Trends for 2016

Happy new year! The Chateaux kicked off 2016 in style with a beautiful wedding, and you know what they say- the way you spend New Years Eve is how you’ll spend the rest of the year. We believe that to be true and plan on a year full of new and different wedding decor, colors, and of course, our stunning 2016 Chateaux brides. I wanted to share a little bit of insight as to what trends we should be seeing for 2016.


Blush pink and purple are far from retiring and continue to be our top colors here. You should also expect to see rose gold and some glitzy table runners.


The sheath gown is in the forecast for regaining popularity this spring season, however, here at the Chateaux, the classic ball gown is still a reigning champ.


The garden look of loose gathering, pinks and plums is an elegant style we should be seeing this year.


The traditional wedding cake is something that will always remain a prominent part of a wedding. However, expect to see more desert tables, cupcakes, and visual presentations.

We also predict to see fun theatrical themes as well as exciting metallic decor and much more. We will keep you posted with the exciting trends that make their way to the Chateaux.

Xo Chateaux girls