The Importance of a Quality DJ

The Importance of a Quality DJ

Today I want to bring up something that is critical during the wedding planning process: Vendor selection. Every vendor plays a key role in your wedding and I will get into the others later but I want to start with DJs. Here at the Chateaux we offer the option of renting our facility where you can bring in your own vendors, or an inclusive package that provides every vendor for you. The wedding planning process can be overwhelming when you first start. Vendors and facilities are costly and it can be intimidating when looking at all the prices. This is where I think a lot of brides go wrong… I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in highly rated vendors. All vendors work as a team and serve as a significant aspect to your wedding. However, I feel as though some brides think they can defray costs with a inexperienced DJ. Because DJs just play music after all, right? Wrong. Hiring the right wedding DJ can make or break a reception.

DJs play an imperative role in a wedding, believe it or not. A great DJ will:

  • Make sure they know the name of the bridal party when announcing them
  • Have every song prepared for dancing, entrances, and entertainment
  • Ceremony songs
  • Flawless timing
  • Comfortable directing the wedding timeline
  • Professionalism

A DJ will keep everything on schedule running smoothly. They know what songs to play at the right moment, they know when to fade out, they know the correct times to announce and most importantly, they can think on their feet! The crowd relies on them to keep the momentum going.

Invest in a good DJ who you can rely on to execute the game plan and create the fun, exciting atmosphere that you have dreamed of. Music is profoundly linked to personal memories and the right DJ will make sure that your first dance, father- daughter song, and walk down the aisle, will trigger that emotion for the rest of your life.

If you need help finding a DJ, these are the companies we work with who are not only skilled but entertaining and experienced.

Elite DJ

A Music Plus

DJ Drake

Make sure you check them out! Happy vendor hunting, Chateaux brides 🙂

Xo Chateaux girls