Vendor Spotlight: Hearts Desire Catering

Vendor Spotlight: Hearts Desire Catering

Hearts Desire couldn’t be a better name for Sandy Conner’s catering company because she truly puts her heart into every meal.

Q: Hi Sandy! Tell us about yourself, where are you originally from? 

A: I was an Army brat so was born in Yokohama, Japan and have lived all over, from Japan to Heidelberg, Germany, than to the United States.  I did most of my growing up in Utah and have lived 33 years in Arvada, Colorado.

Q: How long has Hearts Desire been around?

A: 19 years and I’m still enjoying what I do!  Not many can say that about their jobs after so many years!

Q: What’s your favorite part about catering weddings?

A: There are honestly many favorite things that I love about catering.  I really enjoy the creative aspect of presentation, whether creating a buffet OR putting together a colorful cheese board with dried fruits and berries!

Q: What’s your most popular dish?

A: Warm Artichoke Dip AND a Chocolate Hazelnut Dip served with fruit.  Both are always a hit!

Q: Yum! Is there anything else you want your future brides to know about Hearts Desire Catering?

A: I LOVE being around love!  What a joy to be a special part of someone’s wedding day and feeding everyone there.  It’s such a treat to spend time with each bride and groom in advance, to be aware of their detailed planning, then to actually witness everything come together!  It’s amazing!