Vendor Spotlight: Susan from the Cakehouse

Vendor Spotlight: Susan from the Cakehouse

Q: How did you start baking?A: I’ve loved baking since I was a little girl. I was in brownies and 4-H and learned my first baking skills. When I was 11 years old I started teaching myself cake decorating. Then I worked in a bakery in high school and learned a lot more there in that setting.

Q: What is your specialty?

A: My specialty is decorated all occasion cakes and wedding cakes. I bake other items too, cookies, pies, eclairs, cinnamon rolls, I’ll try about anything.

Q: What cake trends are you seeing lately?

A: I’m seeing more of the naked wedding cake theme this year. Also, brides like simple, but elegant. Even cupcakes are still popular.

Q: What is the most unique cake you have baked?

A: The most unique wedding cake I’ve done was a sandcastle wedding cake. You can see it on my website;

Interested in more of what Susan has to offer? Check out her website here!