Project Description

Corporate Specialist

I believe that wealth can be measured by the quantity and quality of relationships you develop and foster throughout your life. And because of that, I am rich beyond compare. I grew up in Littleton, have two wonderful children, two beautiful grandsons and recently married into this family (owners of the Chateaux) who I have known and loved for many years. My husband and I moved to Broomfield, to be closer to all of our family, and we both love this area.

I spent 23 years working for the telephone company here in Colorado. I began that career when the company’s name was Mountain Bell. I started as a Directory Assistance Operator and ended my career there as a Product Manager. Since that time I worked as a Call Center Evaluator for 3 years and as an Inside Sales Manager for 7 years. Working for the Chateaux has given me the opportunity to continue to do what I love and gives me the flexibility to live a balanced life.

Favorite Quote

“All we need to improve morale around here is flip flop Friday.” The Donkey from Shreck 2