The COVID19 situation has certainly thrown us all in to a uncharted waters and had made things interesting for 2020 to say the least. Our priority has been and will always be to provide a safe and beautiful space for you to have the wedding/event of your dreams. Even with restrictions in place, we are very proud of the events that we were able to have this past summer and fall season without incident. We have learned so much and feel more confident than ever that we can hold SAFE special events here even during these uncertain times.

Here is what’s going on at The Chateaux right now and what we anticipate for the next few months:


  • The City and County of Broomfield has moved to Code Yellow level of operations which opens up indoor events to #100 guests.
  • The Chateaux has been given a Back to Business Five Star certification through the city to allow us to operate one dial ahead of the current dial. We will be allowed to operate under Code Blue (#175) once 70% of citizens over the age of 70 which is projected to be by the end of February! Please refer to the link below to check out the current dial level here in the City and County of Broomfield. You can also refer to the Level Restrictions on the same page. We would be considered “Indoor Seated Events” on the chart.

Here are the current guidelines that may affect your planning:

1.       Masks are expected to still be mandated by the state for the foreseeable future. All guests will be required to wear a mask at all times while not eating or drinking. Bride and Groom, officiant and bridal party will not be required to wear a mask during the ceremony under the state guidelines of “life-rite ceremonies.” All guests, including bridal party, must wear a mask at all other times during the event when not seated at the reception table eating and drinking. Bride and Groom must wear mask while up visiting with guests during the reception. Masks can be removed during professional photo time. All staff and vendors are required to wear masks throughout the event.

2.       We are required by the City of Broomfield to obtain a guest list of each event (basically just a list of the guests that have RSVP’d), with a phone number or email for each family for contact tracing purposes. We will ask that the guest list be sent to us at least 48 hours before the event.

3.      Assigned seating for the reception is required to ensure that guests are seated by household and a maximum of 8 guests per table. Guest tables will be spaced out from each other to ensure safe distancing. At your final walkthrough meeting about one month before the event, we will draw a floorplan with you and number the tables so we will all have the same template of which table goes where. You can then go home and assign your tables based on household and produce a seating chart or place cards as well as table numbers  for guests to refer to as they enter the reception.

4.       No “self-serve” stations will be allowed. Buffets and appetizer tables will be allowed, but must be served by the caterer/staff behind the table to ensure that guests will not be touching the same utensils. Refreshment stations (like water, tea and lemonade decanters) must be served behind the bar by bartenders or staff. Guest books are allowed, but you must provide enough pens for each guest or family to have their own (example: a basket labeled “clean pens” and a basket next to it labeled “used pens” for guests to discard after using).

5.       Guests will be encouraged throughout the event to maintain 6’ social distancing. We have found a way to make dancing possible, but still safe! We will provide nice floor decals on the dance floor to encourage safe distanced dancing by household. Guests will be allowed to dance either beside their guest tables or at floor decal on the dance floor to ensure that guests stick with their own group. Masks will be required while up dancing.

6.       The Chateaux will provide several hand sanitizing stations throughout the building to encourage frequent sanitizing. We will also have staff sanitizing high touch areas throughout the building several times during your event.

Please note that these are the CURRENT guidelines and can change at any time. We will keep you up to date as things change. We do not anticipate any guidelines more restrictive than above. Things should only stay the same or loosen up as time passes. The above info is just where we are now and what you can plan for just in case. 


It may seem like a lot to take in, but remember, we are here to help, and we have been hosting weddings with all of that in place with great success. These times may not be what any of us had pictured for your wedding day, though we have seen that weddings and events can take place just as beautifully and stress free as ever. We promise to help make sure that your day is special and memorable regardless of the restrictions in place. 

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