Preferred Vendors

These are our preferred vendors. All of the listed vendors are separate companies who provide services independent of The Chateaux. While we can never guarantee the work of outside vendors, we can tell you who we love & who we would hire for our own weddings. That is this list of vendors. We choose our vendors carefully based on personal experience and reviews from former Chateaux couples.

Please note that if you choose a non full-service caterer on our list, we do require that they provide food as a drop off caterer, and you will be required to hire Chateaux Staffing to set-up, serve food, bus tables, and tear down at the end of the evening. If you have any questions or need clarification on this- please reach out to your venue contact.

We do require that you hire a chateaux recommended DJ from this list, or recieve prior approval for an outside DJ.

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